Life can be fantastic after 40 – and waaay beyond!

Life for the over 40’s (which definitely includes me, in my 60’s!) can be a fantastic journey of exploration, learning, and new experiences. The good news is, we don’t have to be hanging from a cliff face by the edge of our fingernails or climbing the north face of the Eiger in flipflops – expanding our horizons doesn’t have to be that dramatic!

It might be that we just need to begin by redefining our relationship with our self. Have we checked in recently? Are we familiar with who we are now, or have we been too busy getting on with life to take stock? What is our current role, and what are our current hopes and dreams? People and circumstances change, and life moves on; sometimes we forget to move with it and we become unconsciously (albeit comfortably) stuck.

So, what would you like to explore? 

Do you want to become fitter and healthier?

Do you want to learn a new skill or polish up an old one?

Do you harbour a desire to write, paint, sculpt, sing, play an instrument… walk the tightrope, even?

Do you place roadblocks in your own way by consistently making excuses? 

I am too old – okay, so tell me: what is the actual age at which we officially become too old for anything new?

I am too fat and unfit – fearing that you will be judged by others on how you look, or that you are too unfit to start becoming fitter is an inside job… and is an excuse I myself used in the past! It isn’t true. No-one, except myself, judged me.

I’m not very good at it – so, how do you propose to improve without actual practice? And anyway, who cares whether or not you are the best tap dancer in the world if it puts a smile on your own, and other people’s, faces?

I don’t have time – yes you do. Swap a few things around and make a couple of changes.

I don’t have enough money – who does? I wrote, edited (badly), and published my first novella on Amazon without any money at all. I also designed and uploaded the original cover for free, courtesy of

My family will think I am bonkers – so, let them think that. And anyway, they probably won’t.

I must be really boring, as I honestly can’t think of anything I actually want to aim for or change – of course you aren’t boring! It may be that your imaginative juices have run a little dry, and are in need of coaxing; or it may be that you just want to spend more time developing something you already do, but don’t consider it to be exciting enough… like knitting, for example. It might not produce the adrenaline rush of hang gliding, but I am in genuine awe of anyone who can produce an Aran sweater!

I don’t have enough confidence –  well, you have confidence with activities that are already familiar to you. Confidence develops with practice and repetition, whether we are making a cup of tea or driving a Formula 1 racing car!

So, there it is. I believe that from our first breath to our last breath we are a work in progress, and that we never actually ‘arrive’… there is still always something new to experience, understand and become. I rebel against “I am this age, therefore… “, and “well, at this age we just…”. We don’t have to ‘just’ anything – unless we choose to, of course!

I am pleased to say that men are subscribing to this blog, as well as women… after all, we are in this game of life together, and we do experience similar needs, hopes, desires, and fears! Let us not allow the SJW’s to push us further apart!


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