Reduced breakage, AND silkier, less tangled hair!

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With the amount of hair I lose every time I wash, dry and straighten it, I really should be bald by now… but, thankfully, I’m not! I imagine that what I am experiencing is hair breakage, probably due to age (gulp, who wants to admit to that?), and the fact that I have been colouring my precious locks for years. I always use conditioner, I do apply smoothing serum, and I have my hair professionally coloured and cut (not as often as I intend to… it is usually the grey line appearing down the centre of my head that kicks me into action!), but even so, I am still pulling handfuls of hair from my clothes, every time I wash, dry and straighten my mop – or at least, I WAS!

This product was advertised on television for weeks, and I mentioned to my partner that I really should try it… but I just didn’t get around to it. And so I was really pleased when he bought the shampoo and the conditioner, as one of my Christmas presents. I tried them the very next day, and I have used them religiously ever since… they are fantastic! My hair loss is hugely reduced, my hair straightens so much more easily (I am naturally wavy), and it is also much more silky smooth, for longer.

In terms of Amazon reviews, they are largely positive, with most people agreeing with my experience, but as is always the way with every product, a much smaller percentage report that they don’t like it. Maybe it depends upon the nature of our hair, but all I can say is that I am unlikely to use another shampoo and conditioner, whilst I am still getting these results! The shampoo is generally £9/£10, and the conditioner £7/£8, which is a little more pricey than other products, but I believe they are worth it!

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Promotes hair growth

Strengthens hair roots

Caffeine based conditioner for deeper penetration

Perfect for stressed and coloured hair


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