Can a slow writer make a living as a freelancer? It appears that the answer is probably not!

I am a slow writer, and it takes me forever to write a blog. Having researched the subject of freelance writing it is clear to me that anyone who wants to make a living from the writing of articles and blogs needs to be able to whip them up in the blink of an eye. One woman in particular outlines her daily routine, and allocates 2 hours for the production of her commissioned articles (notice I say articles, in the plural!). Usually, I can’t complete even one blog for one of my websites in 4 or 5 hours, never mind 2, and so the idea of being able to make it big as a freelancer is probably a bit of a pipe-dream! 

It is my habit to edit as I am going along, and then re-edit before publishing; I then often return to the published offering and tweak it again. I tell myself that next time I am going to spit it all out beforestart the editing process, get it all down on paper first (well, on Google documents), but I just can’t seem to work that way… it feels incredibly uncomfortable to me.

I have my first little book, available on Amazon, that I know for sure needs to be edited again; it was my first offering and I am genuinely proud of the story and the characters within, but I can see the flaws in it. I still haven’t finished my third book, and I need to pick up the slack where my blogs are concerned. Like most people, I have a day job (I am self-employed but it is still a job in that I earn my living from it), and I have a busy family life… and I choose to attend kickboxing classes 3 to 4 evenings per week. I would retire from my current business if I was able to replace (and increase) the income, through writing. I have been doing it for more than 25 years, and am proud of the fact that I have managed to make it this far down the line – after all, many self-employed people end up against the wall, forced to go back to the drawing board to start again. However, I would, like so many others, love to write for a living. The competition is stiff, the opportunities few (apparently), and the potential for failure huge.

But I am not going to give up. I have faith that, one way or another, it will all work out in the end. I had a dream last night in which I was in despair about my progression in life, and suddenly the image of a figure (I think it was masculine, but I can’t say for sure), with huge butterfly-type wings, appeared before my eyes… and it was struggling to get off the ground. I immediately understood its dilemma; the wings were big and beautiful, but almost too much for the figure to handle… if it could only reach the point at which it was rising and hovering, rather than struggling with the vastness and weight, it would be able to figure out how to spread those spectacular wings and fly!

This very short blog has taken only a couple of hours to write, whilst watching the Indie 500 on television (for the first time), but that is because a) it is, as acknowledged, short, and b) the subject matter is fairly straightforward. Most of today has been taken up with the Monaco Grand Prix (Formula 1 is a BIG thing in this household), but still, other writers would have started and finished within 20 minutes (with or without Indie 500). I believe it does depend upon the subject material of a blog – I often have to think very, very carefully about how I am expressing things, and whether or not I am being ‘authentic’ – am I conveying what I intended to, and is it easy enough for the reader to hear me? The messages within this mini-blog are fairly straightforward: I am a slow writer; I would ideally prefer to speed things up in order to produce more content; I still have to figure out how to get the best out of my wings.  


Online business – is it all or nothing? Success or failure, big bucks or pennies?

The internet has created a global market place for anyone at all who wishes to sell any kind of product or service… which in turn has opened up a black hole sized portal to an endless amount of competition, and a tsunami of information, advice, and opinions! In my quest to expand my minuscule business empire, I have repeatedly been overwhelmed and exhausted by all of the free advice I really need to follow, if I am serious about getting onto that first rung of the success ladder… and by the follow up message that actually, what I really need is to buy a fairly pricey course that reveals ‘secrets’ only available to the smart few who have the cash and the foresight (and which also grants them access to sacred inner sanctums… usually located on Facebook).

Don’t get me wrong; I have definitely, absolutely, benefited from the wonderfully free tuition that is readily available on the internet, 24 hours a day. I have to remind myself every now and then to be genuinely grateful to all kinds of people for generously sharing their knowledge and wisdom: I wouldn’t even have this website if I hadn’t learned for free how to put it together… because I didn’t have the money to pay someone to do it for me.

I have achieved far more than I ever thought I could, in terms of technology, courtesy of other people’s expertise. I have created book covers, Pinterest pins, and images for my website, thanks to a variety of free online services. I really cannot complain… but still, the process has at times been disheartening and confusing, and I have seriously been tempted to just give up and give in, more times than I can count. What’s the point, when there are already a zillion others out there who are already miles and miles ahead of me, and who are years younger, and who ‘get’ all of this stuff without even trying? What’s the point, when every which way you turn, you bump into yet another contradiction: social media is the way forward/social media is dead; email lists are an absolute must/email lists are so yesterday; blogging is the best way to develop a following/blogging is a waste of time and is a saturated market; you can make thousands through blogging/there is no money to be made in blogging; this or that search engine is the business/this or that search engine is no longer effective; hashtags are absolutely necessary/hashtags are just a fad; affiliate marketing creates millionaires/affiliate marketing is a con, and only works for the select few.

And then you discover that you are using the wrong keywords, that your content isn’t strong enough, or consistent enough, and that someone somewhere is doing what you are trying to do… only much better, and with a more enthusiastic response from the public. Oh… and if you aren’t aspiring to work from exotic locations all over the world, rather than your lounge or bedroom, you don’t have a ‘success’ mentality.

I have to admit that, in the past, I have been seduced by the stories of fabulously rich online gurus… running businesses I can’t even begin to understand, with titles that leave me none the wiser. I am not on the same planet as these people, never mind in the same league. They are like alien gods, with 10 books on the best sellers list (all at the same time), and have changed the lives of millions all over the world… whilst running a multi-million pound/dollar empire, which they started from scratch, even though they were deeply in debt. Or the twenty-something boy in his designer trainers, creating his new Youtube video as he drives his Ferrari to the gym, explaining how you too can reach these heady heights (what, ME? Really?? Yay, I can’t wait!). I don’t think I am being negative when I say, “I can’t do it. I applaud you, but something in me is clearly lacking… I have no idea what it is you really do, and how you actually got there. I sadly accept that I am always going to be a medium-sized fish in a very small pond… but at least I gave it a shot”.

I have had my other website for around 5 years; I have made a number of Youtube videos (which are all far too long); I used to have a shortish email list (which I deleted last summer, as I had created a situation in which many of my customers only purchased when I was offering generous discounts); I have three short books on Amazon; I have a small but steady trickle of visitors to my main website, and business ticks along. I have started to dip the corner of one toenail into the world of affiliate marketing… oh, and I write blogs. And it has taken me years to reach this point – but at least I don’t have to go and do a 9 to 5 job that I hate, week in and week out!

So, on reflection, it is possible to earn a living on the internet, even if you aren’t likely to reach the dizzy heights of the Ferrari driving elite, who work for an hour a day in sun-drenched locations, whilst rubbing shoulders with billionaires. Don’t let this put you off. Do what you can do, and be consistent in your actions. Don’t waste time procrastinating, by immersing yourself in constant research, or spending too much time on social media groups, connecting with ‘like-minded people’ (I joined a writing group, as advised by a published author, and found that it was frequented by people who like to talk about writing, without actually doing much writing… and I honestly did not have the time to waste).

If you were to ask me to share a few helpful nuggets of hard-earned wisdom, I would say: keep it simple and straightforward; you have a product or service to sell, and you need a platform from which to display and promote it. Use whatever money you have wisely, and learn from your mistakes – because you will make some! If you can’t afford to pay someone to do the necessary stuff for you, learn how to do it yourself. I have propped myself up in bed, laptop on my knee, battling away until 6 am in the morning, trying to figure out some technical process… and succeeded (with bags under my eyes big enough to carry a pile of potatoes). Pay attention to the logical stuff – life, and business, is a numbers game, and the more people who become aware of your product/service, the more sales you are likely to make. I always say, “if I can sell one thing, I can sell a hundred. And if I can sell a hundred, I should be able to sell 1,000… it just might take some time”. You will need to develop a basic understanding of how certain things work, and how to draw some attention to your website/blog/online shop. Don’t be idealistic. I honestly, truly believed that all I had to do was publish my first book on Amazon and the sales would pour in ( it seems like a lifetime ago, rather than 18 months!). I now know better… big style. Don’t be afraid to tweak, tweak, and tweak some more. Don’t give your stuff or skills away for peanuts, but be realistic about your pricing. And keep going, through the ups and downs, the lean and the busy times, the failures and the victories… and never rest on your laurels.

Oh, and try to put your money where your mouth is. I have been saying for months that I need to produce a reasonably priced online course, to sell on my business website (good old passive income)… so maybe it really is about time I actually got on with it!


I hate the effort and sweat of fitness training (and everything else, come to think of it) – until I have finished!

Last night I put myself through 45 minutes of circuit training, followed by 60 minutes of kick boxing fitness training (it was a killer session). I really wanted to shout at the instructor (who just so happens to be my eldest daughter), “RIGHT, lady – I’ve just about had enough of this! I am 61 you know – don’t you think you are being ridiculously unreasonable in your demands?”, and slop miserably off to the sidelines. In my fantasy world, that’s exactly what I did do; in the real world I gritted my teeth and kept going. And although I can still feel every inch of it in so many muscles, I can also feel the under-lying benefit. I know for sure that I will force myself through several more sessions this coming week, too… and the week after that, etc etc.

Late this morning I sat in front of my laptop, and couldn’t think of a single thing to write about. NCIS was on the TV, in the background, and I suddenly remembered that I wanted to check out my American cousin’s Ebay site, to see how it is doing, and whether or not it is worth giving it another go myself (I decided that it isn’t). I considered going into the kitchen to get something else to eat, and wondered if I needed another cup of tea or not… and all the while, an insistent, uneasy guilt was nagging away at me: “you’re supposed to be writing today, and developing other aspects of your business – remember?”. I did remember, but procrastinating was a whole lot easier than making myself actually put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Obviously, I did eventually start… by writing about my own resistance, and the desire to avoid effort at all costs!

What is it with us human beings, that we consistently enter into battle with ourselves before setting the things that we say we want to achieve in motion? Or that we prevent ourselves from even genuinely trying? I know a very smart 25 year old who has lately been ranting about people who have an excuse for everything… the ‘yes buts’, as I call them. She has had a bit of an overdose of this recently, from different sides, including an old, once dear friend who has willingly allowed her life to become a horrible mess, without a single intention to aspire to anything better… whilst forcefully telling others what they should be doing with their own lives! My feeling is that she has let things slide for so long, through laziness and a desire to do nothing more than party, that she wouldn’t even know where to begin to create a healthy and productive life. She appears to have become utterly seduced by that miserable twilight world of apathy and inertia… the same one that most of us have to consciously fight against, every single day! If we don’t fight it, it will steal our potential, our hopes and our dreams away from us… and the older we get, the more vigilant we need to be, not less: starting good habits young, and maintaining them, is an incredibly inspirational idea!

We are all self-conscious, and we all doubt ourselves, to one degree or another. I resisted becoming involved with fitness and kick boxing for a long period of time, because I felt fat and unfit, dissatisfied with how I had allowed myself to become, and therefore with the way I looked. That was clearly silly; I still have weight to lose, but I am so much fitter and stronger, and in terms of fitness, I am aware that I am doing a lot better than many of the students who are half my age! I feared making YouTube videos, in case I became a target for haters… but eventually I did make some, and no-one has hated me because I am not interesting enough to the majority! I feared writing books, believing that I wasn’t good enough, and that I would be laughed out of town as a wanna-be. I am aware that my first ‘novella’ requires re-editing, for sure, which is on my to-do list, even though it is still publicly available… but it was my first self-published offering, and I am proud of that. Up to now, the sky hasn’t fallen in, and some people have even said that they love my stories – and to me, that is worth a million pounds! There was a time when those stories were just an idea, a thought, in my mind; they now physically exist, in the concrete world. What do you have within you, that can become ‘real’, something that will really matter to you, or that others will appreciate and benefit from? Are you really willing to reach your death bed, to be taking your very last breath, only to remember a lifetime of hopes and dreams that ended up being sacrificed at the alter of apathy, inertia and fear? Hell no!