Shiatsu massager – beautifully kneads those knotty muscles, whilst you watch TV!

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I bought this for my partner, for his birthday… and it is a gift that keeps on giving (especially to me, as I use it regularly!)! Okay, it is not light in weight, but it is easy to use, and it attacks those knotted up muscles like the most insistent fingers! I have used it on my neck, shoulders, outer thighs, lower back and hip/groin area (it has genuinely helped to loosen up a tight adducter muscle, but please note that I am NOT offering medical advice – if in doubt, always consult your doctor). It might sound weird, but I have found that by getting myself into a certain position, I can put painful-but-relief-inducing pressure on my right hip, bum cheek and groin ( tightness that apparently is fairly common, especially amongst those who are into fitness training), which loosens it up, whilst reducing pain.

It comes with a power adapter, and includes a power switch, direction button, intensity button and heater button. You can sit and watch television, whilst having muscle tightness and tension kneaded away! At the time of typing this review, it has more than 400 Amazon reviews, with a 4.5 star rating.

It is important to follow the instructions, as over-use can cause bruising. If you purchase this product via one of the links below, I will receive a small payment from Amazon, but you can rest assured that I am recommending it because I genuinely like it.

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  • 8 MASSAGE ROLLER BALLS – This shoulder massager comes with 4 big nodes and 4 small nodes, which provide deep tissue massages on your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, foot, tights, calves, legs, feet and arms – helping your full body parts to release stress, relieve sore muscles, and help you relax.
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY – This neck massager pad has 3 speed strength levels, which allow you to get the right and appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain.
  • 2 MASSAGE DIRECTIONS – built in a Bi-directional movement control to mimic the motion of in-person massage experience. This 3D shiatsu massager will auto-reverse each minute for better distribution of massage effects.
  • HEAT FUNCTION – With infrared heat, our neck and shoulder massager can be used to ease muscle tension, stress and promote blood circulation.
  • PORTABLE AND DURABLE – This neck and back massager includes a wall power adapter and a car charger, so you can have an electric self massage in your Home, office or car when you are travelling. This back massager also comes with a durable carry bag, so you can take it with you anywhere! This Shiatsu Kneading massager pillow is the perfect gift for your loved ones!


Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat – Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Pillow Massager for Neck, Back, Shoulders, Foot, Legs – Electric Full Body Massage, Relieve Muscle pain – Office, Home & Car

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Reduced breakage, AND silkier, less tangled hair!

Available in the UK and USA

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With the amount of hair I lose every time I wash, dry and straighten it, I really should be bald by now… but, thankfully, I’m not! I imagine that what I am experiencing is hair breakage, probably due to age (gulp, who wants to admit to that?), and the fact that I have been colouring my precious locks for years. I always use conditioner, I do apply smoothing serum, and I have my hair professionally coloured and cut (not as often as I intend to… it is usually the grey line appearing down the centre of my head that kicks me into action!), but even so, I am still pulling handfuls of hair from my clothes, every time I wash, dry and straighten my mop – or at least, I WAS!

This product was advertised on television for weeks, and I mentioned to my partner that I really should try it… but I just didn’t get around to it. And so I was really pleased when he bought the shampoo and the conditioner, as one of my Christmas presents. I tried them the very next day, and I have used them religiously ever since… they are fantastic! My hair loss is hugely reduced, my hair straightens so much more easily (I am naturally wavy), and it is also much more silky smooth, for longer.

In terms of Amazon reviews, they are largely positive, with most people agreeing with my experience, but as is always the way with every product, a much smaller percentage report that they don’t like it. Maybe it depends upon the nature of our hair, but all I can say is that I am unlikely to use another shampoo and conditioner, whilst I am still getting these results! The shampoo is generally £9/£10, and the conditioner £7/£8, which is a little more pricey than other products, but I believe they are worth it!

(please note that if you purchase these products through the links below, I will receive a small commission from Amazon, but my review is 100% genuine!)

Promotes hair growth

Strengthens hair roots

Caffeine based conditioner for deeper penetration

Perfect for stressed and coloured hair


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My go-to mascara – water, smudge and flake proof… even after kick boxing!

I never, ever thought I’d be writing about mascara, but hey, here I am… because I finally found one that completely suits my lifestyle!

Up until six months ago, I had almost given up on the idea of wearing eye make up, unless there was a special occasion to attend. As an intuitive consultant, I tend to work with my eyes closed, focusing my attention upon the ‘screen’ of my mind, more often than not leaving me with blurry panda eyes. I tried other water, smudge and flake proof mascaras, only to be disappointed again and again; if it didn’t end up smeared below my lower lids, then irritating little flakes would find their way into my eyes… arghhh!

And at the start of summer, I took up kickboxing… quickly discovering that (bad) mascara loves to join forces with sweat… and then melt.

I considered having my eyelashes tinted, and using clear mascara, but the reviews weren’t fantastic, so I decided against it. But then, whilst Christmas shopping on Amazon one evening, I came across my Holy Grail of mascaras – and I paid almost £15 for it, something I had never done before (I considered £7.99 to be an extravagant amount to spend on make up!)! The reviews were largely complimentary and enthusiastic, and I was genuinely surprised to discover how many other women had been experiencing the same mascara related dramas… I was not alone, I was part of a huge, panda-eyed sisterhood!

Anyway, suffice to say, I now wear eye make up most days, and even though it may seem to be an incredibly first world problem (which it is), it has really given me a boost, creating a ripple effect through other areas of my life. I had my hair done, and despite the fact that I haven’t yet lost all of the weight I put on over the last 2 years, I bought a few new clothes (I would never buy clothes in the past, if I had weight to lose). It is amazing how one small, seemingly insignificant change can have such a positive impact, but it isn’t the first time that this has happened in my life… which is another story, for another day!

Anyway, here it is, the link to my little black, magic wand! At the time of writing this review, it has 94 customer reviews, with a 4 star rating. A small number of reviewers said they found it hard to apply or remove, but I definitely haven’t had those issues, so I can only speak for myself. I don’t have long eyelashes, unlike my youngest daughter, who often looks as if she is wearing fakes, and I can’t say that it really adds major length… BUT I have definitely found it to be easy to apply and remove, it looks good, and more importantly, it stays put… all day! If you purchase from the link below, I will receive a small payment from Amazon, but I am recommending this product because I seriously like it!


  • No more panda eyes, this mascara will NOT run, smudge, flake, clump, melt or drip. The lashes are coated and tiny tubes form around each lash.
  • Easily & quickly removed just with water and slight pressure from your fingertips, a washcloth, or the shower. Mascara “tubes” disintegrate or slide off lashes once the bond has been broken; no need for makeup remover or rubbing under-eye area to remove mascara residue, because there won’t be any!
  • Want to open up your eyes? Tres Chic provides a natural look with a great curling and lifting effect. For added length and volume apply more layers – one eye and then the other and repeat to give the desired look.
  • Made in the UK. Not tested on animals. Vegan friendly, but does currently contain a small amount of beeswax. Water resistant formula repels water, sweat and tears.
  • Sensitive eyes? Great – as this does not flake, smudge or smear and and is quickly and easily removed with water, there is nothing to irritate!

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