Clean up your thoughts and feelings… and seriously empower your life!

Imagine being able to live a life that is not clouded by repetitive bouts of anxiety – a life in which you respond to challenges, rather than automatically reacting. Imagine being able to retain a sense of perspective, rather than feeling overwhelmed every time you run into a difficult situation or person. Think about how freeing it would be not to crumble in the face of criticism, taking it all personally and reacting defensively. And, even if you are doing some or all of these things only some of the time, wouldn’t any degree of improvement be liberating?

My answer would be a resounding yes… because I actually lived in an incredibly disempowering way, until I began to recognise how just much of an unhelpful role I was playing in my own life! I still don’t have it all under control but it is a darn sight better than it…

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