Addicted to Opium… and the importance of having a signature scent!

Over the years, I have tested a whole number of perfumes… but none have ever come close to my beloved Opium! I once read a newspaper article about perfume (written by a young man, admittedly), in which Opium was declared to be an ‘old lady’s scent’. I was slightly, and temporarily, offended. But, as a ‘mature’ woman who isn’t repelled by grey beards and moobs, and who doesn’t crave the attention of males the same age as my son, it was easy to shrug off.

My daughters have both told me that they associate the scent of Opium with me, in a comforting and reassuring way. My eldest daughter once even revealed that she sometimes used to sneak into my bedroom, open the wardrobe doors, and breathe in the familiar aroma. I found that to be incredibly heartwarming, and it made me love Opium even more!

Problems have occasionally arisen when, preparing for a trip out or an evening event, I have been asked “ooh, can I pinch some of your perfume?”. I consider myself to be a fairly generous person, but under these circumstances, I have to fall back on a quote from Joey, from the television series Friends: “Joey doesn’t SHARE!”. In his case, it was food; in my case, it is perfume. I don’t want to smell exactly the same as the person sitting next to me! Okay, I know that they say that a perfume can change its scent, from one person to another – but what if it smells better on them, than it does on me? Petty and ungracious, I admit, but hey, let them find their own signature perfume! It doesn’t just happen overnight, you know.

I once managed to make one 30 ml bottle of Opium last for a whole year, between birthdays. I was struggling to make ends meet, and so spending money on perfume was an absolute no-no (in my mind, at least), but I could ask for it as a birthday or Christmas present. I would apply a couple of tiny little sprays each day, and even if no-one else was aware, as I wafted by, I would catch warm little waves of the glorious odour, leaving me feeling just a tad glamorous. And it would last for most of the day, too – that’s quality for you!

I am not judging people here (well, maybe I am, just a little), but I am baffled by those who wear whatever happens to be currently popular, or whatever they pick up from the duty free shop. Maybe they don’t need a signature scent, because they have have no desire to make any kind of statement to the world, about the ‘kind of woman I am’. Maybe they don’t care; as long as they smell nice enough, that’s good enough for them. Maybe they like variety. Maybe it all says a whole lot more about me, than it does about them…

Anyway, I finally found myself in the position of having one bottle of Opium not quite finished, and another bottle not yet opened… luxurious bliss! I could now spray away with glorious abandon, and have people ask me: “Are you wearing Opium? It smells really nice!”. It has to be said, they also sometimes say: “Are you wearing Opium? My Gran loves that”…  and all I can say is, well, the woman obviously has impeccable taste!


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